Yacht management

The yacht management service offered by Navynor helps owners and captains manage their yachts in the most efficient manner, both financially and technically.

The aid of our professional staff is a great support to the captains and allows for more time to focus on the daily operation of the yacht.


Our extensive expertise ensures that our customers' yachts are being managed, maintained and operated in the most optimal manner and with the highest standards of quality.


The emergency team of Navynor is available 24 h, to react immediately to any incident.

The procedures used to ensure security on board are addressed by the ISM and ISPS codes. The working policy of Navynor is to fulfill and implement all security procedures, whether compulsory or not, and avoid any disaster.

Profesional Management Services to control and reduce operational cost.

  • ISM & ISPS management.
  • Budget monitoring.
  • Accounting and reporting.
  • Documentation and surveys.
  • Insurance negotiation.
  • Yacht transport.
  • 24h emergency response.